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Musings from the Phoenix

2 June 1952
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Geeky, gimpy, grandma. Technical writer by trade, translating geek to English mostly. Kick-ass cook. 56, fat, mobility impaired. Brain works well, though. Very smart and value intellect a lot. Also humor. I make puns. I make shaggy dog stories. I make up awful lyrics to common melodies. And sing them. I have a job I love, a husband I live with, 2 long-distance partners and an ex-wife. Oh...yes. I'm poly. And kinky. And one of my favorite NancyButtons is "bi, poly, switch...and I still won't do YOU". Picky about partners. Love gardening, hiking, camping, waterfalls...and a whole lot of other things I don't get to do any longer, much to my dismay.